Better Foods

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Our raw protein bars come in four different flavours. Zesty Mint, Fresh Pineapple, Crunchy Pistachio and Creamy Peanut. Every flavour is combined with different protein: starting from peas — our vegan option, all the way to exotic insect variation, and everything in between.


Our crispbread recipe is exceptionally simple: rye and oat flour with a dash of various seeds, packing high fibre and energy. We top it off with three different seasonings: salt, spicy tomato or rosemary — crispy wholegrain snack & a great alternative to bread.

Simply Good Natural Products

We are commited to brining back traditional products with simple recipes, quality & 100% natural ingredients. Wholegrains, seeds, familiar and loved flavours like vanilla or chocolate. High fiber and protein products — tasty and nutritious.

The products you enjoy everyday.